MapDance is the application for dancers to find

MapDance FREE app

MapDance is a FREE application to help dancers by simplifying all dance-related search

Dances referenced include salsa, bachata, kizomba, swings (lindy hop, west coast etc) and many more

What is MapDance app?

MapDance is the application and website for Android, iPhone and Windows for dancers

We propose several services
  • find your dance events on an interactive map on our app and now on our website
  • plan festivals with our Festival mode
  • find the most relevant dance school for you nearby
  • many new things coming!
We reference all types of dances, including latin dances (salsa, bachata etc), tango, swings (west coast, lindy hop, etc), kizomba, ballroom, zouk, forrò and many more!

Our mobile app is available in more than 20 languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German...

MapDance is a FREE application to help dancers by simplifying all dance-related search

MapDance News!

The website is under construction!

  • You can now search directly on our website!

  • New website!

  • Schools can now register on our website from here
  • Festival have now a dedicated section on MapDance app!
  • You can find all your dance events on MapDance app! Search what you want, when you want!
  • Many new features are coming progressively :)

Some of the coming features

  • (Work in progress) You can consult Schools on our website
  • Many new features are coming, we are going to disclose some of them very soon!


Here are few screenshots

  • MapDance
  • MapDance
  • MapDance
  • MapDance
  • MapDance
  • MapDance
  • MapDance
  • MapDance
  • MapDance
  • MapDance is a Multi-lingual app, translated in more than 20 languages
  • Its map provides you will every useful information for dancers
  • Most of events are linked to a Facebook event, where you can find even more details

MapDance references all dances available, the list below is non-exhaustive and some other dances are available on demand

  • salsa bachata kizomba latin tango swing(includes several swing dances) west coast swing zouk(includes brazilian and carribean) lindy hop ballroom rock'n'roll
  • And more:
  • afrobeat afrocuban(afro-cuban) bal_musette(bal musette) balboa balfolk(bal folk) barndance(barn dance) bellydance(belly dance) blues boogie bugg capoeira ceroc chacha(cha-cha) charleston contradance(contra dance) country dancehall discofox eastcoastswing(east coast swing) ecstaticdance festnoz forro foxx hiphop(hip-hop) hustle jitterbug kompa linedance(line dance) liscio merengue modernjive(modern jive) pasodoble poledance(pole dance) reggeaton ruedadecasino(rueda de casino) rumba samba semba shag squaredance(square dance) tapdance(tap dance, claquettes) thé_dansant(thé dansant) twostep(two-step) waltz zumba zydeco yoga(may not be considered as dance but included for convenience)

The app references events all around the world, as long as we know the facebook events. We reference events in more than 150 countries!