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Promocode for salsa, bachata and kizomba festivals

Dear dancers, we do our very best to get you the best deals and help you to join latin festivals all over the world. We hope you will enjoy it. If the event you want to attend is not listed, drop us an email and we will try our best to get a promocode. Whatever about salsa festivals, bachata or kizomba socials, remember MapDance is made for you!

You will find at the bottom of this page the promocodes for salsa, bachata and kizomba festivals we got in the past. You may want to benefit of them again. Ask us and we will do our very best to get them one more time.

Festival Dances Discount Month City
Istambul social dance marathon Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba -50€ Jan 2020 Istambul - Turkey
Paris suave dance festival Kizomba, salsa, bachata -10/20€ Jan 2020 Paris-France
Neverending kizomba festival Kizomba -5/15€ Nov 2019 Barcelona-Spain
New Year's Eve Kizomba Kultura Festival Kizomba -10$ Dec 2019 Phoenix - USA
Paris kizomba new year's eve Kizomba, salsa, bachata -10% Dec 2019 Paris-France
Paris bachata festival Bachata -10% Nov 2019 Paris-France
Koh Samui Latin Fiesta Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba -10% Jan 2020 Koh Samui - Thailand
Afro Latin Festival Asia - ALFA Salsa, Kizomba, bachata -10% Apr 2020 Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
Bailame dance festival Bachata, kizomba, salsa, zouk -10% Nov 2019 Mineapolis-USA
Midi station festival Kizomba, semba, salsa -5€ Dec 2019 Brussels - Belgium
San Francisco SBK festival Salsa, bachata, kizomba -10% Nov 2019 San Francisco - United-States
Top Bachata Festival Bachata -5€ May 2020 Barcelona- Spain
Viet Nam Latin X-perience Bachata, salsa, kizomba -15$ Nov 2019 Hanoï - Viet-Nam
Paris International Salsa Congress - PISC Salsa, Kizomba, bachata -10% April 2020 Paris - France
Bachateando Dance Festival Bachata, salsa -10% April 2020 Miami Beach - USA
Manchester Latin Festival Kizomba, salsa, bachata and brazilian zouk -10% May 2020 Manchester-United-Kingdom

Beginners or advanced salsa and kizomba addicts, you will probably want to attend latin festivals in your country or even abroad. One thing is sure, joining a salsa, bachata or kizomba festival will boost your dance level and you will make friends in the whole world! We will do our best to propose you great discounts all along the year!

To get the best deals, remember this promocode for your latin festivals : “MAPDANCE” and bookmark this page!

🔥 - 50€ deal 🔥

Istambul social dance marathon

Salsa, bachata and kizomba festival in Istambul - Turkey

Istambul social dance marathon - January 2020

This latin dance marathon is particular because you can dance all the time. There is no show or workshop, this is a 100% social dance festival. Dancers from 35 countries are already joining to dance salsa, bachata and urban kiz, what about you?

🔥 - 10/20€ deal 🔥

Paris suave dance-festival

Kizomba, salsa and bachata festival in Paris - France

Paris Suave Dance Festival - January 2020

The original concept of Suave Festival! Enjoy a festival made of kizomba, bachata and semba all in the same venue in Paris to make your journey as great as it can be.

🔥 - 5/15€ deal 🔥

Neverending kizomba festival

Kizomba festival in Barcelona - Spain

Neverending kizomba festival - November 2019

If you want to dance kizomba all night long, this festival is made for you! Indeed, you will dance kizomba non stop for 80h, are you ready for that? Teams of taxi dancers will help you to perform that miracle!

🔥 - 10% deal 🔥

Paris kizomba new year's eve

Kizomba, salsa and bachata festival in Paris - France

Paris Kizomba New Year's Eve - December 2019

Paris, the city of light offers you a great latin dance festival for New year's Eve. As it is an international city, you can dance with the best dancers over Europe, make international friends and bring back home incredible memories from this dance festival. Careful, number of tickets is limited.

🔥 - 10% deal 🔥

Paris bachata festival

Bachata festival in Paris - France

Paris Bachata Festival - November 2019

This bachata festival is a must-do in for any bachata dancer. Its reputation is incredible and they gather everyyear the best line up of the world bachata scene. This is definitly the bachata festival to join in November 2019.

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🔥 - 10% deal 🔥

Bailame dance festival

Latin dance festival in Mineapolis - United-States

Bailame dance festival - November 2019

This latin dance festival in the twin city features a great line up. The 10 000sq ft ballroom, parties till late and cheap rates will for sure make you enjoy dancing with us.

🔥 - 5€ deal 🔥

Midi station festival

Kizomba, semba and salsa festival in Brussels - Belgium

Midi Station festival - December 2019

Here it is, the Midi station festival is back for its 4th edition. The venue is very well situated, in the heart of Bruxelles. Come with us to chill and enjoy beautiful kizomba and salsa tunes!

🔥 - 10% deal 🔥

Salsa, bachata and kizomba festival in San Francisco - USA

San Francisco SBK festival - December 2019

San Francisco SBK festival is among the best latin dance festivals taking place on the west coast of the United States of America. This dance festival will also be the opportunity for you to chill around and discover the magnificient Golden bridge, Alcatraz and many other touristic places in California. Why not to set up a little journey with the new salsero friends you will make during the salsa festival?

🔥 - 5€ deal 🔥

Top Bachata Festival

Bachata festival in Barcelona - Spain

Top Bachata Festival - May 2020

This festival is very well named because you will meet there the best dancers and teachers of the world. You will dance during the whole week-end in a wonderful city and feel its boiling atmosphere. The top Bachata festival in Barcelona is the oportunity for you to discover a multicultural city, Dali's arts, the famous Sagrada Familia on top of dancing with top bachata dancers! This is up to you to create moment you will nerver forget!

🔥 - 15$ deal 🔥

Latin dance festival in Hanoï - Viet-Nam

Viet-Nam Latin X-perience - Nov 2019

The Viet-Nam latin X-perience is the opportunity or never to discover this amazing country. You will dance with dancers from the whole Asia and even European or American. The show and line up will for sure surprise you but the thing you will never forget is how people are kind and welcoming in this country. The expression dance to express, not to impress has never been so true, believe us!

Receive monthly the list of promocodes and festivals

You want to attend a latin dance, tango or swing festival which is not in the list and you want to get a promocode to save money? Drop us an e-mail at mapdanceapp@gmail.com, we will do our best to get it for you.

Mapdance is dedicated to help dancers to practice latin dances, ballroom, swing and any dance every where. Thus, we propose you hundreds of festivals in the whole world, sorted by country, dance and date. You can ask us to send you the new festivals and deals we can get so you will never miss ideas to dance.

🔥 - 10% deal 🔥

PISC, Paris International Salsa Congress

Salsa, bachata and kizomba festival in Paris - France

Paris International Salsa Congress - PISC - January 2020

The Paris International Salsa Congress is the biggest latin dance congress in France. Indeed, the PISC welcomes over 2000 dancers from the entire world. This is a opportunity not to miss to dance with Japanese, American, Australian salsa addicts and discover at Eastern time the city of love. You will have the chance to join parties the 3 days preceding the official start of the congress. This will be a great opportunity to make new friends before the crazyness of the congress by itself!

🔥 - 10% deal 🔥

Bachateando dance festival in Miami

Salsa and bachata festival in Miami Beach - USA

Bachateando Dance Festival - April 2020

The Bachateando Dance Festival for its 5th edition is proud and glad to welcome bachata and salsa dancers from the whole world in Eden Roch, Miani Beach - Florida. Dancers will enjoy concerts, shows, pool parties, great bachata and salsa socials in the sunshine state. Dancers and international artists will definitely be part of moments you will never forget. Over 50 artists and DJ's will be gathered for this event. Let's get there next April at cheap rate!

Careful, the promocode to use is "MAPDANCE2020" and not "MAPDANCE" as usual.

🔥 - 10% promocode🔥

Afro Latin Festival Asia in Kuala Lumpur

Salsa, kizomba and bachata festival in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Afro Latin Festival Asia - April 2020

ALFA latin dance festival has become in very few years a not to miss festival. Indeed, this is not only the opportunity to practice your favorite latin dances and chill in a great venue but also an amazing way to connect with sbk globe-trotters from the entire world. Sam, the organizer knows better than anyone how to create a friendly atmosphere. ALFA festival welcame international artists such as Kwenda Lima, Yami & Marta and many more! The whole team will make the best to ensure you will enjoy your time. If you want to escape a few hours in "KL city" as local say, you can walk in China town or discover amazing caves or mosquees!

🔥 - 10% promocode🔥

Koh Samui dance festival in Thailand

Salsa, kizomba and bachata festival in Koh Samui - Thailand

Koh Samui Dance Festival - Jan 2020

Koh Samui latin dance festival is probably the best option for salseros willing to start 2020 in heaven. The most beautiful beaches of Thailand, a shinning sun, crystalline water will be your landscape when you will enjoy bachata and salsa socials. You will tae the best from beach parties, bootcamps, workshops, thematic socials and wonderful shows. Magic will penetrate you for sure. Hurry up to join to this latin dance festival with MAPDANCE promocode.

🔥 - 10$ promocode🔥

Kizomba festival in Phoenix - USA

New Year's Eve Kizomba Kultura Festival - Dec 2019

For those who don't know the team behind the NYE kizomba Kultura festival, they are also managing the Orlando International Kizomba Festival, the Arizona Dance Addiction and many events along the year. This means they have a huge experience and their promess is simple: make you dance like you never did in amazing venues! If some festivals need to manage the balance between price and quality, NYE doesn't need it. You will get a great line-up, a great venue and live an amazing time at a fair price! Come with and escape winter for a hot festival in Phoenix, Arizona. Pool parties, socials, workshops (kizomba, passada, coladeira, etc) are waiting for you! Take advantage now of MAPDANCE promocode to get interesting prices for you and your kizombeiros friends.

🔥 - 10% deal 🔥

Manchester latin festival

Salsa, bachata, kizomba and brazilian zouk festival in Manchester - UK

Manchester latin festival - May 2020

Lucky you! Manchester Latin Festival belongs to the most cosy, and fun like festivals in the UK. You will enjoy dancing in 4 rooms in a great venue and fun atmosphere. Artists from the entire UK, Cuba, Italy will teach you their tips and routines. On Sunday, you will have the chance to dance with a live band which is very rare during latin dance festivals.

Old SBK festivals with promocode

🔥 Promocode "MAPDANCE" 🔥

You will discover in this section the SBK festivals we got promocodes in the past. Most of the festival organizers keep managing them and you may want to get one more time cheap rates. Have a look and if a festival interests you, drop us a mail at mapdanceapp@gmail.com and we will do our best to get once again a good promocode for you.

Sunny beach kizomba festival
Kizomba festival in Sofia - Bulgaria

Sunny beach kizomba festival

Great kizomba dancers from the whole Europe and a price never seen! Less than 50€ for your full pass. Let's start september with a dose of kizomba in Sofia.

Francfort Suave dance Festival
Kizomba festival in Franfort - Germany

Francfort suave dance festival

After the success of the Paris Suave Festival, the concept pops-up abroad in Francfort-Germany. International teachers will give you tips to take your kizomba to the next level!

Paris Salsa Symposium 2019
Salsa festival in Paris - France

Paris salsa symposium

After the Paris international Salsa Congress (PISC), Paris is featuring another great salsa festival which will blow you up for sure! It is time to take your plane ticket and join the great latin dance festival in the city of love.

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Week-end de bachata in Koln
Bachata festival in Koln - Germany

Bachata connection weekend in koln

The second edition of this bachata week-end in Koln will once again gather great bachata teachers such as Korke & Judith, Chaves & Silvia, Pablo & Raquel and may others. You will enjoy 80 workshops which will level up your bachata and the pleasure you have to dancing this beautiful latin dance. Workshops will learn you different bachata styles among bachata, sensual bachata and dominican bachata. The venue, a 4 stars hotel is the cherry on the cake!

Afrolatin Egypt Dance Festival
Salsa, Kizomba and Bachata festival in Cairo - Egypt

Afrolatin Egypt Dance Festival

The Afrolatin Egypt festival is not only a latin dance festival but a concept by itself. Indeed, it is a dance festival with pool and beach parties plus a week of holidays in several cities accross Egypt. You will have the opportunity to discover the beautiful pyramids, Sphinx, Temples, scuba-dive, experience a safari in the desert and so much more. MapDance team did it once and this is kind of experience no one can forget, believe us! Spending 10 days with salseros, bachateros and kizomberos from any country in the world will help you to make new friends and start human story so easily.

Luxembourg United Dance Festival
Salsa, kizomba and bachata festival in Luxembourg - Luxembourg

Luxembourg United Dance Festival

Breacking news! Get a very good rate for the Luxembourg United Dance Festival, held in a giant venue! This latin dance festival has become one of the biggest in Europe after only 4 editions. This proves you the quality or the event and its management. The top salsa, bachata and kizomba dancers will join this event, will we meet you there?

Berlin Salsa festival
Salsa festival in Berlin - Germany


Since many years, salsa congresses and festivals pop up in Europe and all the capital cities have their “Salsa festivals”. The Berlin salsa festival is kind of a "must do" but careful because your first try will make you become addicted to it!

Their secret is that organizers don’t stand on their positions and keep innovating to surprise you year after year. Your feedbacks are appreciated and taken into account to propose you the best salsa experience to bring back home.

What does make Berlin salsa congress so special?

  1. You will take advantage of a semba 6 hours of intensive training with Afrolatin connection.
  2. As organizers of this salsa festival want to guaranty the best workshops, they provide you a voluntary classification test so that any dancer can be evaluated and oriented toward the relevant salsa workshop level. Of course, this has no implication at all and everyone remains free of choosing the salsa workshops which will suit. Note that a classification will be requested to join masterclasses
  3. Dance with artists all night long. Over 30artists will join socials. What better opportunity to rise your salsa level than dancing with the best salsa instructors from Europe, Mexico and Asia!
  4. A seminar will also be led by the Alegria Dance company. They are amid the best salsa dance companies in Europe and will give you tips and share experience about “How to lead a performance team”.
  5. The line up gathers over 60 artists from the entire salsa, bachata and kizomba world scene! You will discover the amazing line up with the very best like Terry&Cecile from Paris, Supermario from London, Alegria DC from Montpellier, Ernesto & Denise from New-York, Gaby & Estefy from Madrid.

Afrofestival Costa del Sol
Kizomba festival in Malaga - Spain

Afrofestival Costa del Sol

The latin dance festival has become over the years a reference in south of Spain. For this 6th edition, the Afrofrestival team proposes you to dance in front of the Mediterranean sea. As you can get cheap plane tickets, there is no valid reason not to join it, lets's go dancers!