Walking down the streets of Rome will surely turn back the clock to take you back in time. The streets and the architecture of this city offer a glimpse of its long history. Other than enjoying its rich heritage and history and of course the amazing cuisine, and opt for various amazing activities. You can also shake the dance floor by tango dancing! There are great tango clubs in Rome where you can spend and enjoy your night dancing tango! Why wait? Let’s find out more!

Some great places to dance tango in Rome!

Milonga Tango Bar (Tango Bar)

Via Macerata 9, Pigneto, 00176 Rome, Italy

This is one of the best tango clubs in Rome where you can dance the tango to your heart's content! The club environment is relaxing and friendly so that you can easily unwind and enjoy your time to the fullest! If you are thinking to attend tango classes to improve your dancing skills, you are in luck, as this club also offers excellent tango classes that you can attend! The people are friendly and easily meet others and dance the night away. There’s enough room to dance as the tables are separated from the hall. The musical range also varies when it comes to Tango. If you want to enjoy tango, this should be the first place in Rome that you must visit!

Tango Loft

Via del Mandrione, 109, 00181 Roma RM, Italy

This is another great tango club in Rome to visit if you want to dance the tango. The club environment will easily help you to unwind, as the club is decorated with soft lighting and cosy furniture that gives off an elegant vibe. This tango club is located right in the heart of Rome. You can enjoy your day by visiting the historic corners of Rome to have a relaxing and fun-filled evening at this tango club and enjoy tango dancing! You can also attend various courses, workshops and private events on tango, which are offered by this tango club in Rome. There is a car park available. The staffs are helpful. Those who love tango must visit this club!

Giardino del tango

Via degli Olimpionici, 7, 00196 Roma RM, Italy

This has to be another amazing tango club to visit in Rome! This tango club has been operating since the late '80s and you are sure to have a great time if you love tango beats. This tango club offers larger parties with large rooms. You can easily arrive at this club as it is located in a very convenient location, which is well connected. The food and the music are great and the amazing club atmosphere will easily help you to unwind. The bar is well stocked and the staffs are friendly to help you out. In short, you are guaranteed to have an amazing night at this tango club in Rome!

931 club ( Club by Ivano Valeri)

Via Passo Corese, 11, 00178 Roma RM, Italy

This club in Rome is a great place to visit if you love tango. This tango club atmosphere is amazing and you can enjoy a great selection of music. Other than its cosy environment, you will get to meet great people and enjoy live music. The food is great as well. The staffs are professional and helpful and they will make sure that you get to your evening to the full. If you want to visit a place where tango is in the air, this is the tango club in Rome you should visit!