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Cover Acacias Fest
01 Apr

Acacias Fest

festival social dance weekend show trip kizomba semba
A 3-day Festival in the heart of Angola. It will be an opportunity to immerse yourself in Angolan culture while receiving high-quality classes on kizomba, semba and other Angolan dances. Classes followed by amazing parties with live performances.
The event
01 avr. 2022 at 08:00
03 avr. 2022 at 22:00

Address of the event
The organizer
Phone +393495460432

Acacias Fest, organized by Join Angola, prides itself in being the most authentic kizomba Festival in the world, as it features only Angolan teachers and will run in the heart of Angola (the province of Benguela, home to many kizomba singers, such as Matias Damasio and Yola Semedo). ❤️

Join Angola is a local Association dedicated to showing the beauty of Angolan culture to the world. You can see some of our work in relation to dance on our YouTube channel: With this Festival, we want to give you an opportunity to see and learn how Angolan dances are taught in Angola.

The whole experience will be fully Angolan, with high levels of comfort: we have selected a nice local venue, where you'll be able to eat local food in between classes, and we have reserved a third of the tickets for Angolan participants, because we strongly believe the exchange between you and Angolans is very important to understand the essence of semba and kizomba. 🇦🇴 At the same time, we understand that travelling to an African country can be worrisome and we want to assure you that enough security will be hired to make you feel safe at the festival, and that you will always have the availability of local guides who speak English. Transport is also ensured in vehicles in optimal conditions.🚖

The Festival is open to all levels, with classes for beginners as well as for teachers. It will also feature other Angolan dances, like traditional dances and kuduro. You will have the option to choose your preference from a selection of over 30 classes!

Buy a travel package linked to the Festival and allow us to take care of you from the moment you land in Luanda to the moment you check in for your flight back home! 🛫 You can find more information on this here:

Share this information with your friends and make it the trip of your life! 💥 Group discounts are available. 😃

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