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08 Oct

Alocubano Stockholm Dance Festival

festival salsa
Popular salsa festival Alocubano Stockholm Dance Festival is here, bringing your way the opportunity to dance and meet salsa experts all around Sweden.
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08 Oct 2020 at 19:00
11 Oct 2020 at 17:00

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Cuba in Sweden
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Stockholm Salsa Festival "Alocubano" 2020 at its 10th anniversary will offer a fantastic festival rich in unique experience with dance workshops, music and concerts.

For the workshops we will stick to the EPIC studio with its imaginative and superb premises.

For the Party we will be in a concert local with live band both Friday and Saturday.


What we mean in Cuban speaking, is that it's a unique festival where you can experience Cuba close to you.

During a weekend we take you to an unforgettable journey so you can enjoy genuine Cuban music and our dance culture.

Alocubano means dancing with your own style and empathy to Cuban music.

Stockholm Salsa Festival "Alocubano" 2020 has its 10th anniversary and will offer a fantastic festival rich in unique experience, music and workshops.

We will stick to the EPIC studio with its imaginative and superb premises.

Artists and instructors. ( coming soon) .

. Yoandy Villaurrutia . Confirmed.

. Diana Rodriguez . Confirmed.

. Yanek Revilla y Sabor DKY . Confirmed.

. Pedrito y Giusy . Confirmed.

. Barbara Jimenez . Confirmed.

. Hector Oviedo. Confirmed.

. Leyanet Bell . Confirmed.

. Fredy Clan . Confirmed.

. Raymon Sanchez . Confirmed.

. Adonys Santiago . Confirmed.

more coming soon.

Dj s: (Coming soon)

Dansshower . (Coming soon)

Program " A lo Cubano " 8-11 oktober 2020.

Torsdag /Thursday 8/10 pre-party

Fredag / Friday 9/10. (new local coming soon)

Kl.19:00-20:00 prova på dans / dance trial.

Kl.20:00-22:00. Dj spelning

Kl.22:00-22:30 Shows

Kl.22:30:-24:30. (Live) Salsa/Timba Band

Kl.24:30-03:00 DJ spelning .

Lördag/ Saturday : 10/10. (new local coming soon)

Kl. 10:00-16:50 dans workshops / dance workshops

Kl. 20:00 öppnar dörrarna /Doors open White Party 🎈 🎉

Kl. 20:00-20:30 prova på dans / Dance trial.

Kl. 20:00-22:00 Dj spelning / Dj playing.

Kl. 22:00-22:30 Dance shower.

Kl. 22:30-24:30 (Live) Salsa Timba Band.

Kl. 24:30-03:00 DJ spelning / DJ playing .

Kl.24:30-03:00 DJ spelning/ Dj playing.

Söndag / Sunday: 11/10

Matiné Alocubano

Kl. 09:30-10:00 registrering / registration .

Kl. 10:00-12:00 dans workshops / dance workshops .

Kl. 12:00-13:00 lunch / lunch .

Kl. 13:00-16:00 dans workshops/ dans workshops .

Kl. 16:00-19:00 Socialdans Dj spelning . / Socialdancing with DJ playing

Alocubano speciellt price at ...

(coming soon)


Masterclass fullpass:

Friday party :

Saturday party:

Party pass :

Alocubano combi package 2020

. Two nights in a double room incl. breakfast + full lesson: ...

. Two nights in a double room incl. breakfast + masterclass full lesson for .....

. Two nights in triple room incl. Breakfast + full lesson: ......

. Two nights in triple room incl. Breakfast + masterclass full lesson .....

More info soon ...

Contact :

Julio Espinal ,+46700441642 eller info@alocubano.se

NOTE !! To be able to get this offer above you must swish to 070-0441642 (Julio Espinal ) or Payment has to been by my count in Nordea bank.

Julio Angel Espinal Ribeaux

IBAN :SE2230000000030364730331


The last day payment is 16/09/2019.

The hotel is Quality Hotel Globe in Stockholm.

More info is coming soon ...

For more information contact:

Julio Espinal, + 46700441642 or info@alocubano.se

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