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Cover Bachata-Connection 2020
09 Oct

Bachata-Connection 2020

festival bachata
If you want to take your bachata to the next level, the Bachata-Connection 2020 is made for you. You will take lessons with experts and will chill during bachata event with amazing dancers. It is time to get your pass!
Added by Shihab S.
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09 Oct 2020 at 14:00
12 Oct 2020 at 03:00

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Familia!!! 🥰

Thank you for your trust and passion! Only all of you make it possible for Bachata-Connection to become an incredible experience.

Although the 2nd edition of 2019 is just over we are already working for months on a breathtaking 3rd Bachata-Connection in 2020!!! 2020 we want to bring our festival to the next level: We want to to grow better and offer even more quality!

In 2020 we transform our event into a congress with an optimal learning environment by offering 2 additional tracks, 2 small and dedicated group of dancers with homogenous levels learning from the best. (more information here) We want to make this event for you fun, a great experience and most of all we want you to grow and challenge yourselves!

In total it’s going to be 3 open tracks, 2 additional tracks (included in the full pass but with qualification), over 100 workshops in all styles of Bachata with a high class line up.

2020 .the European Bachata event

5 areas and around 100 workshops - 2 special courses/tracks with 30 workshops - 3 open areas with more than 60 workshops - 3 nights with parties - shows every night - an amazing all-in-one venue - 4**** Hotel with 150 luxury rooms - 600 dancers from all over the World - and one of the best lineup for you!

BACHATA-CONNECTION .the european bachata event

Cologne - Germany - 09.-11.October 2020

Korke & Judith (ESP)

Luis & Andrea (ESP)

Chaves & Silvia (ESP)

Pablo & Raquel (ESP)

Truji & Gloria (ESP)

Jony & Noe (ESP)

Junior & Carolina (SWE)

Andrea & Silvia (ITA)

Extravagance DC (ITA)

Kike & Nahir (ESP/ARG)

Sergio & Ana (ESP)

Frank Santos & Gatica (ESP)

Juan Garcia (ESP)

Jorge & Aroa (ESP)

Sergio & Beige (ESP/AUT)

Angel Garcia (ESP)

Gaby & Bego (ESP)

Bachata Passion (NLD)

Alonso & Noelia (ESP)

Gabor & Anna (HUN)

Iván & Maria (ESP)

Janis & Zoé (DE)

Chris DC & Malvi (DE)

Laurent & Gwen (FRA)

Riemert & Iwona (BEL)

Annelies & Georgina (BEL/ESP)

Jorge & Lou (DE)

Felix & Annika (DE)

and more

DJ York (Bachata)

DJ Chami (Bachata)

DJ Alejandro (Bachata)

DJ Mario (Bachata)

DJ Chad (Kizomba)

DJ Zayx (Kizomba)

DJ Jack (Kizomba)

DJ Rene Amplo (Kizomba)

DJ Maxxx (Salsa)

DJ Sebastiano (Salsa)

DJ Ariel (Salsa)

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