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Cover BraZouky USA 2021 DC's Brazilian Dance Festival
05 Nov

BraZouky USA 2021 DC's Brazilian Dance Festival

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We are proud to announce #BraZouky is coming to Washington DC, USA in November 2021 🔥
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05 nov. 2021 at 03:00
19 nov. 2021 at 02:00

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BraZouky - Worldwide Brazilian Dance Festival
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Seja bem vindo ✈️ Welcome to #BraZouky 🇧🇷 USA 🇺🇸 2021 🎉

We are proud to announce #BraZouky is coming to Washington DC, USA in November 2021 🔥

** Exact dates for 2021 to be confirmed **


After 3 resoundingly successful years in Melbourne (Australia) 🎉 BraZouky🇧🇷 is coming to the USA to bring the Brazilian dancing world to Washington DC 💕

The event will host a comprehensive competition line-up including 👨🏾‍🏫 Brazilian Zouk Dance Council registered Jack & Jill, Strictly Zouk - All Levels, and Brazilian Zouk World Championship categories 🏆

We are planning a 5 days of workshops, competitions, and activities; with nightly parties until late and extra courses before and after the main event 💕

😲 The 2021 event will see Washington DC host some of the world's leading Brazilian dance instructors 🔥 supported by amazing DJs, and capped off with four nights of immersive social dancing 🥳

🌿 BraZouky 🇧🇷 2021 Worldwide 🌎 will also 🌱 be a climate-conscious event. This means that we have calculated our carbon footprint, and have offset 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions within our control 🎉 for more info please visit: https://www.brazouky.com/sustainability/

💭 The Dream ⭐️ BraZouky is the first project within the master plan 🌎 This event will help us raise funds to make dreams possible, and by participating in this event, you will be helping us reach more people and make more dreams come true, read more about it here: https://www.brazouky.com/the-dream/

✨ Event highlights ✨

🌟 5 days of Classes

🌟 3 workshop rooms to choose from

🌟 Zouk Starter Pass (for Beginners)

🌟 3 Dance Parties + Pre Party

🌟 Multiple social dance rooms with huge dance floors

🌟 Fitness and social activities

🌟 Introduction to other Brazilian dance styles

🌟 Performances from world class artists

🌟 Competitions including: BZDC Jack & Jill; Strictly - All Levels and BZWC Categories;

🌟 Optional Special Courses

🌟 Artist Jack and Jill (BZDC All Stars/Champions)

🌟 Private Lessons Opportunity

🌟 BraZouky’s Professional Development Course

🌟 BraZouky’s Choreography Course

🌹 BraZouky USA 2021 Artists 💐

💥 Artists and DJ's to be announced soon 🚨🧨

🗺 Location: Washington DC area- more details soon


📲 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brazouky/

💻 Website: www.brazouky.com

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