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16 Sep

Cali salsa festival 2019

This event is already finished
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Discover the Salsa festival in Cali (Colombia), the world salsa capital! Get your tickets contacting the organizer.
Added by Maxime M.
This event is already finished
Find other salsa festivals in Colombia
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16 Sep 2019 at 15:00
18 Oct 2019 at 00:00

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Cali salsa festival
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On top of the festival, you should take advantage of this time in Cali to visit and breath the city!!

Festival undial de Salsa

This is a standout amongst our most prevalent salsa withdraws. Our offer incorporates private salsa classes and direction through the various occasions occurring all over Cali. You'll have safe settlement and a network of artists to help you consistently.

The Cali salsa festival occurs Each September and renders tribute and hotshot the best of Cali's Salsa Culture.

Salsa Orchestras, Dance Academies just as the most hypnotizing Salsa champions from Colombia and past contend in various classifications.

Santiago de Cali is the World's Salsa Capital. There's no other spot that is as trickling with salsa as Cali. Lively timbales, beautiful trumpets, dancing congas are practically all you'll get notification from the minute you touch base in the city.

Our Retreat is a incredible chance to investigate salsa to its very center. Despite your aptitude level, The Cali salsa festival is a celebration no salsa sweetheart can bear to miss. There are workshops, conference, exhibitions and parties that assemble more than 5000 artistes!

One of a kind EXPERIENCES

Salsa moving may appear to be troublesome, particularly when it's performed by ace combines and move bunches that have invested years culminating their development, coordination, and speed. There are various open doors in Cali for sightseers to attempt their hand at this lively move, as there are various move foundations and schools offering exercises customized for amateurs. The city has additionally earned a notoriety for being a noteworthy goal for shopping.


Cali's chipper nature is showed in salsa, a Caribbean cadence that is moved here among the sugarcane in its own extraordinary manner. In this city, nicknamed "Part of Heaven," the pinnacles of Cristo Rey, the slope of the Three Crosses, and the slopes of San Antonio stick upwards from the fields that make up a large portion of Valle del Cauca.

In the event that you are intrigued to find out about Colombian urban communities meet Bogota the capital of Colombia.

Cali, established in 1536, can be investigated by walking: stroll under the shade of trees along the riverbank, respect the engineering of houses of worship and other national landmarks, and visit the city's numerous historical centers. In Cali, explorers can appreciate music celebrations, find out about sugarcane cultivating, and take in the rocky scenes.

In the event that you are intrigued to find out about Colombian Cities meet Medellín where spring is everlasting.

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