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Cover Festival Internacional de Guaguancó Afro-Cubano
09 Sep

Festival Internacional de Guaguancó Afro-Cubano

Enjoy the festival
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09 sept. 2021 at 20:00
12 sept. 2021 at 01:00

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Experience with us unique international competitions:

- Buscando al Rumber@ (Rumba Columbia)

- TIMBA competition

- Rumba Guaguancó competition

- Son Competition

Improve your dance knowledge and skills.

Workshops with live music for different levels:

- beginner

- intermediate

- advanced

- teachers (150 Euro FullPass)

Be ready to dance every night!

Meet new friends!

Have fun!

Follow the energy of Live Cuban Music!

Share your love to Afro-Cuban culture!

Enjoy the festival

Shows with Afro-Cuban Sabor!

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