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21 Jun

Free introduction to partner dance

Our free introduction to partner dance is for everybody who likes the idea of connecting with a partner through dance! This weekly drop in workshop will guide you into the close embrace and the basic steps to give you a sense of the possibilities
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19 Apr 2019 19:00 21 Jun 2019 19:45
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Forró Family
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19:00 19:45

We will be exploring dance with a variety of music styles, but at it's heart, we will introduce you to the Brazilian rhythms of forró, which our facilitators have been practicing for many years.

Many people love dancing but get very nervous or frustrated when they have to either follow or lead. We will show you how to relax, enjoy and explore in a fun, low pressure environment.

After the free class there will be a 15 minute free practice before our optional Level 2 class begins (£10).

More info on the full event here:

- No need to bring a partner.

- Comfortable clothing and shoes recommended (no high heels please)

- Everyone can dance - all welcome!

More info:

We look forward to meeting you there, where the rhythms call us to move together, no rush, no pressure.. just dancing LOVE!

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