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03 Jul

Las vegas congress 2019

This event is already finished
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Why is Las Vegas salsa congress a super salsa congress? Read below!! Contact the organizer to get your passes right now!
Added by Maxime M.
This event is already finished
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03 Jul 2019 at 00:00
08 Jul 2019 at 05:00

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Las vegas congress
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Added by Maxime M. with 246 other events

Discover right here what makes Las Vegas salsa festival the best ever!!

First, you can experience 3 events at the same time for a really low price :

- you get the salsa festival/congress

- you watch or compete in the highest paying Salsa/Bachata dance competition "The Ultimate Latin Dance Championship"

- finally, you can compete in the United States Final of Salsanama 1 vs 1 Battle.

The goal of the ultimate latin dance championship is to level up salsa. As we want to be the best salsa congress worldwide, we need to have the best to compete. There is probably no better palce for that than Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the world. Enjoy this amazin super salsa congress during the holiday.

The line up is amazing as always!

Pool parties are second to none

+50 workshops

The venue is located on the Las Vegas Strip and backs up to the airport. The pruces of the room are cheap (below over 80% of other Congresses) and you get great discounted passes

Contact the organizer below to get your tickets!

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