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Cover Lisbon Tango Festival 2020
03 Jun

Lisbon Tango Festival 2020

This event is already finished
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Are you a tango addict? Then you are in the right place. Join us in this upcoming most happening tango festival and dance with experts all over Portugal.
Added by Shihab S.
This event is already finished
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03 Jun 2020 at 20:00
08 Jun 2020 at 15:00

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Lusitango - Lisbon Tango Festival
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18th Lisbon International Tango Festival

3 – 7 June 2020.

5 days of pure Tango fun...

More than 50 hours of dancing!!

5 awesome Milongas until the sunrise

4 fun afternoon Milongas

1 spectacular stage show

Maestro performances every night

Workshops for all levels

2 top Orchestras

Tipica La Juan D'Arienzo (Buenos Aires)

Singer: Fernando Rodas and

La Romantica Milonguera (Buenos Aires)

Singers: Roberto Minondi y Hache de Huilen

Superb Maestros:

- Roxana Suarez & Sebastian Achaval

- Vanessa Villalba & Facundo Piñero

- Alejandra Heredia & Mariano Otero

- Joana Gomes & Sebastian Jimenez

- Paula Tejeda & Lucas Carrizo

- Tajana Burger-Casas & Osky Casas

Super DJ team:

- Analía La Rubia del Giglio (Argentina)

- Marta (Wild) Silvestre (Portugal)

- Tajana Burger Casas (Croácia)

- Osky Casas (Argentina)

- Pierre M DjVj Tango (France)

- VJ Bruno Sousa & João Filipe Dias (Portugal)

- Filipe Patrocínio - Designer (Portugal)

Special Guest Artists:

- Espirito Nativo - Toma Mate (México / Portugal)

- Pedro Moutinho - Fado (Portugal)

- Others to be announced

Special Activities Artists:

- GAZ BLANCO SuperPhotographer (Italy)

- Jonas Zadow 030Tango SuperFilmer (Germany)

- Others to be announced

Lisbon is waiting for you with a great Tango Festival, hot weather, good wine, great food, southern hospitality, a beautiful tradition-filled city and much more!!

More information and registration forms are available at


E-mail: info.lusitango@gmail.com

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