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Cover Love Bachata Festival 2020
25 Apr

Love Bachata Festival 2020

This event is already finished
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If you want to take your bachata to the next level, the Love Bachata Festival 2020 is made for you. You will take lessons with experts and will chill during bachata event with amazing dancers. It is time to get your pass!
Added by Shihab S.
This event is already finished
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The event
25 Apr 2020 at 10:30
26 Apr 2020 at 18:30

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Love Bachata Events
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💃Bachater @ s🕺

On April 25, 2020, in Valencia, we have a special day. We return to Valencia 💗LOVE BACHATA FESTIVAL💗 An event where we bet on quality learning. During the day we will have workshops with a cast of praiseworthy professionals, such as: keKorke & Judith (creators of the sensual bachata) 🔸Berra & Laura (Top couple in the world of bachata, and countless awards endorse them) 🔸Luis Chavez & Alba (Some references in Valencia, and in much of the world) 🔸Ivan & María (Pioneers in Valencia with sensual bachata, national and international teachers) 🔸Julian & Carmen (Outstanding teachers in Valencia, with a great future ahead) 🔸 Anthony & Carla (Referents in Valencia of the traditional bachata) ... and at night, shows and LOVE BACHATA PARTY. ️🎧The DJs in charge of making us enjoy that night cannot be other than: Dj Miguelón Dj Salva Both professionals who work in the leading events of bachata. You can choose two types of passes (both include admission to the night): PFULL PASS- Standard pass, 1h class with each teacher, 6h class in total, fun classes, where you will meet people to dance with at the party the night, while you learn and have fun. 🔹PROPASS- Advanced level pass, 2h with Korke & Judith, 2h with Berra & laura, 1h with Luis & Alba and 1h with Iván & María. It is a pass oriented to those who want to improve their dance training, the workshops will have a clear objective, and will help increase the knowledge of the attendees who demand a higher level in the events. ************************ TEACHERS ******************* Korke & Judith Berra & Laura Luis Chavez & Alba Ivan & María Julian & Carmen Anthony & Carla ************************* DJ, s ********* ************************ Dj Miguelon Dj Salva ********************** **** SCHEDULE ************************** (COMING SOON) **************** ********** LOCATION ************************ Both the workshops, the shows and the party will be in one of the Most impressive rooms in Valencia, with a capacity of 1000 people, NIGHTS OF BOHEMIA. ************************** GET PASS ****************** FULL PASS: 35 € * until December 31 PRO PASS: € 70 per person (for the correct operation of the classes, only enrollment in pairs will be accepted in this type of pass) Contact tel: 677691246 for details. You can manage it through any teacher. The capacity will be limited, since the intention of the event is to provide quality classes so ... WE WAIT FOR YOU !!!


El dia 25 de Abril del 2020, en Valencia, tenemos un día especial.

Volvemos a traer a Valencia 💗LOVE BACHATA FESTIVAL💗

Un evento donde apostamos por el aprendizaje de calidad.

Durante el día tendremos talleres con un elenco de profesionales digno de elogio, como:

🔸Korke & Judith (creadores de la bachata sensual)

🔸Berra & Laura (pareja Top del mundo de la bachata, e inumerables premios los avalan)

🔸Luis Chavez & Alba (Unos referentes en Valencia, y en gran parte del mundo)

🔸Ivan & María (Pioneros en Valencia con la bachata sensual, profesores nacionales e internacionales)

🔸Julian & Carmen (Profesores destacados en Valencia, con un gran futuro por delante)

🔸Anthony & Carla (Referentes en Valencia de la bachata tradicional)

...y por la noche, shows y LOVE BACHATA PARTY.

️🎧Los Djs encargados de hacernos disfrutar esa noche no pueden ser otros más que:

Dj Miguelón

Dj Salva

Ambos profesionales que trabajan en los eventos punteros de bachata.

Puedes elegir dos tipos de pases (ambos incluyen entrada a la noche):

🔹FULL PASS- Pase standard, 1h de clase con cada profesor, 6h de clase en total, clases divertidas, donde conocerás a gente con la que bailar en la fiesta de la noche, mientras aprendes y te diviertes.

🔹PROPASS- Pase de nivel avanzado, 2h con Korke&Judith, 2h con Berra & laura, 1h con Luis & Alba y 1h con Iván & María.

Es un pase orientado a los que quieren mejorar su formación de baile, los talleres tendrán un objetivo claro, y ayudarán a incrementar los conocimientos de los asistentes que exijan un nivel mayor en los eventos.


Korke & Judith

Berra & Laura

Luis Chavez & Alba

Ivan & María

Julian & Carmen

Anthony & Carla


Dj Miguelon

Dj Salva




Tanto los talleres, como los shows y la fiesta serán en una de las salas mas impresionantes de valencia, con un aforo de 1000 personas, NOCHES DE BOHEMIA.

**************************OBTENER PASE******************

FULL PASS: 35€ *hasta 31 de Diciembre

PRO PASS: 70€ por persona (para el correcto funcionamiento de las clases, solo se admitirán inscripciones en parejas en este tipo de pase)

Contacta con el telf: 677691246 para los detalles.

Puedes gestionarlo a través de cualquier profesor.

El aforo será limitado, ya que la intención del evento es proporcionar unas clases de calidad asi que...


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