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13 Nov

Metrolatina - The UK's Longest running latin clubnight

class workshop salsa
7-7.30pm FREE SALSA INTRO CLASS followed by DOWNSTAIRS 7.30-9.30 2hr of classes in NY Style Salsa classes with the Latin Collective team at 5 levels (Olga Ribaka, Sam Hounsell, Kelvin Woo, Raluca Lehadus, Jorge Colmenares, Pal Chohan, Andrea Stewart
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24 Apr 2019 19:00 12 Dec 2019 02:00
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Bar Salsa Soho
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19:00 02:00 (D+1)

followed by non-stop dancing to the hottest salsa, merengue, bachata & latin jazz from DJD & guests Santos & Dani K (on rotation)

Classes £7 for 1hr (£5 NUS) / £10 for 2hrs (£7 NUS) - LATIN COLLECTIVE MEMBERS pay £6/£9 respectively

Club FREE before 9pm, £5 thereafter

Contact us now to get on our guest list!

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