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Cover SBK Chiang Mai Splash Festival
26 Nov

SBK Chiang Mai Splash Festival

Let's make a 3 Nights Exclusive Party in Chiang Mai!! Salsa, Backata & Kizomba all you can dance!
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26 nov. 2021 at 13:00
28 nov. 2021 at 16:00

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SBK Chiang Mai: Salsa - Bachata - Kizomba
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Keep Calm and Dance

Let's make a 3 Nights Exclusive Party in Chiang Mai!!

Let's take over this floating house for our first Outdoor Exclusive Party 2021 this November!

***** SBK Chiang Mai Splash Festival *****

Only 20 Tickets are available! (10 Gentlemen & 10 Ladies)

Super Early Bird is now on sale till March 31 only! Take it before the price goes up!

If you love dancing for more hours, this is the only Outdoor Party you can't miss out on for November 2021!


Reserve your spot ASAP for SUPER EARLY BIRD TICKET before the price goes up.

------ Now till March 31 ------

Agenda (briefly)

*We will inform "Meal Serving Times" for Sat & Sun on Friday at Om Waters Thailand

Friday, 26th November 2021

12 pm: Lunch at Om Waters Thailand

1 pm: Party started

- Water activities are ready for you all days

- Dinner

- Party continues

Saturday, 27th November 2021

Leisure time

1 pm: Party Started & Continues till night

Sunday, 28th November 2021

1 pm: Party Started & Continues till 3 pm

Get ready for leaving the Venue back to the shore

*Speed Boat Fee and The Park Entrance Fee are NOT INCLUDED.

**Speed Boat Fee can be shared among 7-8 persons.


swimming suits


mosquito repellent (if needed)

extra food & drinks, snacks, etc.

medicines (if needed)

The venue has basic accommodation with facilities. SBK Chiang Mai asked for taking over the whole place for US ALL DANCERS to organize the SBK Chiang Mai Splash Party 2021

For more details, contact Aey

Tel. 0897046166

Line ID: descheveux

WhatApps: +66 0897046166

Email: sbkchiangmai@gmail.com

Contact Aey 0897046166

Line ID: descheveux

No place to dance, not many parties in Thailand for awhile. LET'S MAKE THE EXCLUSIVE PARTY HERE IN CHIANG MAI !!!!!

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