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Cover Sabadão International Sicily 2nd Edition 2020
17 Jul

Sabadão International Sicily 2nd Edition 2020

This event is already finished
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We are inviting you to join Sabadão International Sicily 2nd Edition 2020. You don't want to miss this semba festival. Enjoy this amazing semba festival and move steps with hundreds of semba addicts from all over Italy.
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This event is already finished
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17 Jul 2020 at 21:00
20 Jul 2020 at 02:00

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~ Sabadão the angolan experience ~

~ Small in terms of Quantity, Big in terms of Quality ~

The Sabadão concept was created, based on the Angolan culture, at a time when Angola was under pressure from the imperialist.

During these tough times, the elders did not fail to organize their "Farra" (party) between family and neighbors without distinction. The "Farra" was usually held on "Sábado", which means Saturday in Portuguese.

In general, Sabadão means "Big Festive Saturday" or "Mega Saturday".

#ElizaSala and the #Sabadão team have been preserving these customs with this concept, Sabadão in diaspora, aiming to live inside Angola out there.

From marimba to kissange we will return.

Our concept Sabadão:

- Is big in terms of quality

- Is big in terms of interaction.

- Is big in terms of atmosphere

- Is big in terms of feeling at home

- Is big in terms of energy

- Is big in terms of pure enjoyment

With this, we will introduce you to the environment that melds all together;

Music / Dance / Food

Where you close your night with a big smile and satisfaction.

☆ Specific selected DJ's:

Who amazes us at the Sabadão parties with different tunes such as Semba, Kizomba, Tarraxinha, Ghetto zouk, Retro zouk, Samba, Kuduro and Afrohouse.

☆ Quality workshops by great teachers:

Our focus of workshops is more about quality of the dance not quantity of hours of workshops.

Specific selected teachers with years of experience in teaching and dancing.

Whom will introduce you to:

* Tribe

* Semba / semba carnival

* Kizomba

* Afrohouse

* Ginga

* Banga

All in terms of history, music and culture.

☆ Angolan cuisine:

Where we come together and bring the taste of the Angolan food to you. Just to mention a few of our famous dishes:



.moamba de galinha

.moamba depeixe

Confirmed artists:

Cazuza Kinvula 🇦🇴/🇨🇭

Pablo Nzo Conzo 🇦🇴/🇨🇭

Bonga Upk 🇨🇲/🇵🇹

Laury Esmeralda & Mario Jordão 🇦🇴/🇲🇫

Reginaldo & Margherita 🇧🇷/🇮🇹

Dino da Cruz & Eliza Sala 🇦🇴/🇳🇱

Carla Benelli 🇮🇹

Melda mana Mado 🇳🇱

Jadilson Santarosa 🇦🇴/🇳🇱

Davide & Céline 🇮🇹/🇨🇻

Confirmed DJ's:

Black Genuino 🇦🇴/🇳🇱

Xavix 🇦🇴/🇨🇭

Spiro 🇳🇱

Tony Gomez 🇦🇴/🇩🇪

Accomodation artists and team Sabadão:


Mainhotel Residence Miljunka:


promocode by booking sabadao2020 for a 10% discount

Event venue Tapica Beach:


Transfer information:


**OPTION 1**

**TRANSFER organized by Sabadão Team one way € 30 / GO & BACK € 50 **

From airport to Sant'Agata Militello thursday 16th July at 10:30 ca.

From Sant'Agata Militello to Catania Airport Tuesday 21st July at 5:30 ca

**we are planning more transfers. **

**Stay tuned!**

NB: When you are travelling with a little group we can organize the transfer for you. If you travel alone, please communicate us your arrival and departure time, to check if it fits with our time and reserve your seat.

**OPTION 2 **

**SHUTTLE BUS Catania – Milazzo € 25**

From Milazzo you have to continue too - San Agata di Militello by train € 5,60

For further information please don't hesitate to enter in contact with team by WhatsApp

Salomé +31623897584 En – NL - E

Margherita +393287074615 I – D – En - Portuguese

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