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10 May

Salsa Northwest UK Congress 2019

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Join us for our 4th year! We are excited and proud to be bringing our congress back this year and can't wait to share it with you. We love that we can come back to The Grand Hotel for our Northwest UK Congress. It is definately our favourite dance
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10 May 2019 at 14:00
13 May 2019 at 03:00

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Salsa Northwest
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A full weekend of dance workshops and parties.


♥ Saturday night will be our Africa Theme night, so take to Google and see what you can find, we are talking traditional Africa, Zulu, Maasi warriors, Animals? bright & colourful.

Pass links are through www.salsanorthwest.co.uk, make sure you get yours early to avoid the price rise. The Full Pass link is right here in the event at £110

We are looking for vendors for the event, so if you are a supplier and think these gorgeous dance people might love what you do, then please drop us a message.


Leon Rose - France - Confirmed

Alexandrois Iacovides & Antria Andreou - Cyprus - Confirmed

Edwin Rodriguez Ovalle - Mexico -Confirmed

Mauricio Reyes - UK - Confirmed

Tamba Hissirou - Africa/UK - Confirmed

Rasa Pauzaite - London - Confirmed

Steve Eden - UK - Confirmed

VJ Singh - India - Confirmed

Nigel May - UK - Confirmed

DJ Karen Denman - UK - Confirmed

Theo Wolashi Adwazi - Oslo - Confirmed

Sexy Sam & Naughty Natalie - UK - Confirmed

Richard Chongtham & Clare Brasher - UK - Confirmed

Richard Dunn & Angela Messenger - UK - Confirmed

DJ Hughie - UK - Confirmed

Freddie Garland - UK - Confirmed

DJ Martin Martinez & Aljona -UK - Confirmed

Gill Alleyne - UK - Confirmed

DJ Gillian Cross - UK - Confirmed

Helen Thomas - UK - Confirmed

DJ John Seddon - UK - Confirmed

Jacqueline Moore - Confirmed

Karen Salsa Liverpool - UK - Confirmed

Kerry Ribchester - UK - Confirmed

Femi Otukoya - UK - Confirmed

Andreas RU - Russia - Confirmed

Abigail & Tony Wylie - UK - Confirmed

Sami & Roxy - UK - Confirmed

DJ Puma - Africa - Confirmed

Salsa Twins Rahul & Deepak - India Confirmed

Rahul & Abigail Stephens

David Lewin - Wales - Confirmed

DJ Andy - Confirmed

Keef MC - Confirmed

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