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06 Jul

Salsa Summer Adventure 2019 - "Cruising"

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The next summer we move the fun ... on the sea …… "cruising" through the most fascinating and exotic Greek islands Cruise: 6 July - 13 July Route: Athens - Russian Bay - Ermioni - Dokos - Hydra - Poros - Athens Period: 6.07 - 13.07
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This event is already finished
Find other salsa festivals in Greece
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06 Jul 2019 at 11:00
13 Jul 2019 at 14:00

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Salsa Summer Adventure
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Yachts: Beneteau Oceanis 473, Cyclades 50.5, Bavaria 44, Beneteau Oceanis 43, Bavaria 49, Bavaria 50, Beneteau Oceanis 48.

Available seats / Yacht: 64 seats in double cabins - 8 or 10 seats / yacht + 1 skipper

Price: 550 euro / pers.

The price includes: yacht charter, skipper, marine tax, electricity and water tax in the sea, boat insurance, navigation equipment, linen and towels, crockery and tableware, motor boat, yacht, logistics and route organization.

Not included: food and beverage (70-90 euro / person) and transportation to Athens

Everybody will arrive in Athens on his own (by plane, by car, by foot, ). For those arriving by plane, you can go from the airport to the Alimos marina by taxi / uber - about 40 euros or by bus: the X96 bus - costs 6 euros / person.

Route details

The Argo-Saronic Islands, Poros, Hydra, Dokos and Ermioni are part of a chain of islands located in the south of Saronic Bay near the peninsula of Peleponnes and Athens. These islands are considered the southwest paradise of the Aegean Sea.

• Athens - Marina Alimos (Day 1) - accommodation on board

Saturday 06.07 starting at 15:00 there will be check-in on the boat, shopping (2/3 of each crew), boats, dinner, socialization, accommodation.

We will sleep on the boat and in the morning at 10:00 we'll sail to the first destination:

• Russian Bay- Sunday (Day 2) - Salsa party on the beach (sand beach))

We will arrive here on Sunday 17-18, we will be at the anchor in the shelf (the boats will be connected to a pontoon), swimming, having dinner, salsa party on the beach and we’ll leave the place, Monday morning, at about 10 o'clock.

Description of Russian Bay

The Bay of Russian Bay is a tourist and historical site in Poros, where in 1770 the Russians built warehouses (that were bought by the Greek state in 1834) to supply food for the Russian ships that helped Greece in fighting for her freedom against Turkey. The ruins add an exotic note to the surroundings - golden sandy beach and some massive eucalyptus trees. Here at the little tavern host it by Maria, we find drinks, ice cream, coffee, a short menu of meat, fishes (grilled) and salads, and it provides sun loungers and umbrellas to enjoy the sun.

• Ermioni - Monday (Day 3) - Salsa party –

Until we get to Ermioni- about. at 17 o'clock (we board at the pontoon), crossing the Russian Bay-Ermioni, we will stop for a swim in one of the bays on the route.

In Ermioni- visit the city-have dinner, salsa party on the terrace of one of the taverns here. Departure to the next destination arround lunch time.

• Dokos - Tuesday (Day 4) - Salsa party during the day - deserted beach

The crossing from Ermioni to Dokos is quite short (1h30), so we’ll try to get there for lunch so that we can start a salsa party during the day.

Here – we’ll swim, take sunbath , dance, eat on the boat (cook and eat on the boat). At night we’ll anchor individual (each boat) or on the shelf (anchor & tie to the stones).

Description Dokos

Dokos Island is as beautiful as it is wild, being inhabited only by small wild animals. The island was still considered to be a strategic location since antiquity. On the eastern side are the ruins of a great Byzantine castle - Venetian. During the Middle Ages the island served as a refuge for Albanian colonists. "

The island forms a wide bay in the northeast, and during the summer it is known for the "anchor" yacht parties held here.

• Hydra - Wednesday - (Day 5) - Salsa party -

From Dokos, the previous location, we'll have to leave in the morning (8-9 o'clock) so that we arrive to Hydra early (10-11), as the navy here is very small and extremely crowded

The city is very chic, so it's worth a walk in the city, and the views from the terraces here are really beautiful. There are also some unusual swimming sites / rooftops (on rocks / concrete slabs).

Recommendation - Hydronetta beach bar - where the sunset is spectacular.

Evening party - at one of the beach bars.

He'll leave next morning at 10-11.

Description Hydra

Hydra is a tiny island of a rare beauty, where Elizabeth Taylor and Leonard Cohen bought homes. The island can only be reached by the seaplane or by yacht, there is no modern means of transport inside the island, just donkeys and kayaks. It is the island with few roads and no parking places, where the hustle and bustle of taverns are mostly in the harbor.

The port of Hydra offers views that seems taken from books - endless water views, surrounded by shops, taverns and hotels. The Hydra Nautical Museum and the Historical Archives are the main attractions. Above, narrow streets are connecting hundreds of white-painted houses and other buildings found on the nearby hills

• Poros - Thursday - (Day 6) - Salsa party- at the bar

We will arrive In Poros at 14-15, the crossing takes about 3 hours, we board the pontoon.

We’ll visit the island with rented cars / scooters / ATVs (the earlier we get, the more time to visit we have, it darkens at 20-21). After dinner, salsa party in Malibu Bar. Departure to Alimos-Athens at 11-12 o'clock.

Description Poros

Poros is the island that is almost part of the Peloponnese peninsula, being separated from the mainland by a canal that at the narrowest point has a width of only 350m.

The city of Poros is built in the form of an amphitheater, stretching over two hills. Tourists find here a pine vegetation, crystal-clear sandy beaches, cozy shops, cafes and restaurants, but also a picturesque town with large traditional houses and cobbled streets. Poros is a destination sought by cruise ships, athenians who come to spend the weekend, but also europeans who come here for the beautiful beaches.

• Athens -Marina Alimos (Day 7) - Salsa party in Athens

We will arrive at our final destination the Alimos marina around 17-18 o'clock,.

The proposal is for the last salsa party to take place in Athens.

On Saturday morning, all boats will be released until 9:00, when check-out / check-ups will be made by charter companies.

You can pay directly to the following accounts:

Euro: RO58INGB0000999905798624

Lei : RO54INGB0000999903891676

account owner: CS Napoca Dance

when performing the payment, please MENTION YOUR FULL NAME followed by SSA2019

For more info:

0745.764.654 - Lucian Ambrosie

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