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30 May

Sardinia Afro Beach Festival★May 30th - June 3rd 2019★Sardinia★

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SARDINIA AFRO BEACH FESTIVAL - The Kizomba Festival of Friendship ★ The Third Edition - Thursday 30th May to Monday 3rd June 2019 Please like the Sardinia Afro Beach Festival Fan Page now to keep up to date
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This event is already finished
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30 May 2019 at 12:00
03 Jun 2019 at 21:00

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Sardinia Afro Beach Festival - The Kizomba Festival of Friendship
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Our Teacher Lineup⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

🆕️ Mestre Petchu - Angola / Portugal

🔸️Tomas Rei de Kizomba - Guine-Bissau / Spain

🔸️ Mandela Mandela - Angola / Portugal

🔸️Jeydikson - Sao Tome e Principe / UK

🔸️Miguel Monteiro - Guine-Bissau / Germany

🔸️Jose & La Fre - Brazil - Italy

🔸️Mirko Spano - Sardinia, Italy)

🔸️Rico & Adda - UK / Guiné-Bissau & Romania

🔸️Davide Ventura & Laura Maino - Milan, Italy

🔸️Emmanuel Aijore & Janna (UK)

🔸️Marianna & Fabrizio - Sardinia, Italy

🔸️James Kizomba Shaolin (UK / Sardinia)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Our DJ Lineup⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

🆕️Dj G Sousa - Portugal / UK

🔸️DJ Hugo Boss - Mozambique / UK

🔸️ Dj Mineiro - Angola | UK

🔸️ DJ Galo - Angola | Canada

🔸️ Dj Massakre Jr - Angola | Italy

🔸️ Dj Dennis - Sardegna | Italy

★ DJ PAPARAZZI - Angola | Spain

🆕️ DJ To Costa - Angola | UK

Welcome to the Sardinia Afro Beach Festival, an Island of endless Paradises, and now home to The Kizomba Festival of Friendship, brought to you by four friends - DJ Paparazzi (Nuno Gomes - Angola / Spain), Rico Suave (Ricardo Graça - Guiné-Bissau / England), Kizomba Shaolin (James Chong - England /Sardinia), and Adda Dociu (Romania / England)

Are you ready for our animations, crazy energy, pool parties, and paradise beach parties, workshops, and parties all the way through to breakfast? Join us at the Kizomba Festival of Friendship and make the most of our early bird prices by purchasing your pass on our weez events link below:

★★★Full details of the 3rd edition will be announced soon★★



Festival Prices are as follows:


Super Early Bird Single: 55€

Super Early Bird Couple: 95€

Early Bird: 65€ (until 17th August 2018)

Early Bird Couple: 120€ (until 17th August 2018)

Early Bird Group (minimum 5 men): 260 € (until 17th August 2018)

Non-Discounted Rate Prices are available until the 17th day of each month ^^

September 17th 2018 = 70€ (Couple 130€) (Group of 5 = 280€)

October 17th 2018 = 75€ (Couple 140€) (Group of 5 = 300€)

November 17th 2018 = 80€ (Couple 150€) (Group of 5 = 320€)

December 17th 2018 = 85€ (Couple 160€) (Group of 5 = 340€)

January 17th 2019 = 90€ (Couple 170€) (Group of 5 = 360€)

February 17th 2019 = 95€ (Couple 180€) (Group of 5 = 380€)

March 17th 2019 = 100€ (Couple 190€) (Group of 5 = 400€)

April 17th 2019 = 105€ (Couple 200€) (Group of 5 = 420€)

May 28th 2019 = 110€ (Couple 210€) (Group of 5 = 440€)

Prices on the door will be higher

^^Please note for a Couple pass, we mean one man and one lady (this is so that we ensure we have balanced numbers on the dancefloor). Group pass must include a minimum of 2 men.

Prices include workshops and parties, but do not include the price of the coach to the Saturday and Monday Paradise Beach Venues.


Tickets for the coach are already available and are:

Saturday Coach Trip = 17 euros per seat

Monday Coach Trip = 17 euros per seat

★★PACKAGE FULL PASS PLUS 2 COACH Seats for 2 Beach Trips★★

Early Bird: 99€ (until 17th August 2018)

Early Bird Couple: 188€ (until 17th August 2018)

Early Bird Group (minimum 5 men): 430 € (until 17th August 2018)

Non-Discounted Rate Prices are available until the 17th day of each month ^^

September 17th 2018 = 104€ (Couple 198€) (Group of 5 = 450€)

October 17th 2018 = 109€ (Couple 208€) (Group of 5 = 470€)

November 17th 2018= 114€ (Couple 218€)^^ (Group of 5 = 490€)

December 17th 2018 = 119€ (Couple 228€) (Group of 5 = 510€)

January 17th 2019 = 124€ (Couple 238€) (Group of 5 = 530€)

February 17th 2019 = 129€ (Couple 248€) (Group of 5 = 550€)

March 17th 2019= 134€ (Couple 258€) (Group of 5 = 570€)

April 17th 2019 = 139€ (Couple 268€) (Group of 5 = 590€)

May 28th 2019 = 144€ (Couple 278€) (Group of 5 = 610€)


★To pay in EUROS, please visit our payment website, prices on the online website include a transaction fee:



Our policy is to not allow name changes to passes, and we reserve the right to not permit any pass transfers.


Our policy is to not allow refunds.


VENUE - Setar Hotel

This year we have full board and half board options for the night of the festival. This is so that the restaurant can plan the menus in advance. With excellent dance hall facilties and pool facilities the hotel offers double / twin, triple, and quadruple rooms. The hotel has a limited number of single room available too:

First release of rooms at setar hotel

Beat the price rise, book early:

Room Prices:

To book your room please send an email to:

Please include the following details:

1. In the subject field put your name used for your pass booking,

2. In the body of the email please provide:

2a. Name of booking

2b. Name used for booking festival pass

2c. Contact phone number including international dialing code (watsapp number of possibile)

2d. Number of people

2e. Dates of stay

2f.Full board or Half Board

2g.Special Dietary requirements

2h. Paying in pounds or euro

Pricing information:

During the festival nights, the options available are full board (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner), or Half Board (Breakfast, Dinner). We will be having a barbecue pool party so we recommend the half or full board option. Bed & Breakfast option is also available

On Saturday, we have reduced the price of the full board to half board prices because we are going to go to a paradise beach and food can be purchased at the restaurant there for lunch separately.

Therefore the prices for the festival nights Thursday May 30th, Friday June 1st, Saturday June 2nd, Sunday June 3rd are as follows (per person per night):

Double / Twin Room - Bed & Breakfast: 45 Euro

Double / Twin Room - Half Board: 65 Euro

Double / Twin Room - Full Board: 85 Euro

Triple Room - Bed & Breakfast: 42 Euro

Triple Room -Half Board: 60 Euro

Triple Room - Full Board: 75 Euro

Quadruple Room - Bed & Breakfast: 42 Euro

Quadruple Room -Half Board: 60 Euro

Quadruple Room - Full Board: 75 Euro

Single Room - Bed & Breakfast: 65 Euro

Single Room -Half Board: 85 Euro

Single Room - Full Board: 100 Euro

If you would like to stay for additional days please visit our website, or the following page for pricing details:


★Press Play and enjoy just some of the action from the first edition in 2017★

Official Drone Video

💫Rico and Adda opening class💫


★Photos from the First Edition 2017 ★Sunday Workshops★

High energy, good dancing, good music, and above all, a fantastic friendly welcome is awaiting you at the Kizomba Festival of Friendship. Are you ready for Afro Sardinia Beach Festival?

★★★★★★★★★Location - SARDINIA★★★★★★★★★

Sardinia is an Island of Paradise, and this Festival is not to be missed, and whilst the Festival is for five days, you may want to stay for a longer period for the pre party and also to explore this beautiful Island - Visit and like our page for video’s and pictures of some of the 1,000 beaches.



Flights: Nearest Airport - Elmas, Cagliari Airport

For further enquires, please email us at

Links to key social media pages:

Facebook Fan Page:

You Tube:

Website: To Follow


Hosted by DJ Paparazzi, Rico Suave, Kizomba Shaolin, and Adda Dociu - join us for a festival with a difference - Sun, Sea, Energy, and LIFELONG memories

We will be waiting for you!

Disclaimer / Right to amend prices and details of event.


The venues and program details are subject to change without prior notice. Please ensure to join the event page and fan page to keep yourself updated.

For further enquires, please email us at

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