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Cover SemBattle 2
26 Sep

SemBattle 2

SemBattle 2 is offering you a platform to meet, dance and party with semba experts. Set your night on fire and join this semba festival.
Added by Shihab S.
The event
26 Sep 2020 at 21:00
27 Sep 2020 at 21:00

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Dj Chad Kizomba
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Added by Shihab S. with 1507 other events
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21:00 21:00

The return of SEMBATTLE!

Unique in the WORLD The only 7 to smoke in semba!

Explanation: The Seven to Smoke has its origins in the battles of Breakdance. It was set up for the first time by the IBE station wagon compet in Rotterdam in 2002. The concept is simple: 8 participating couples and to win, you literally have to "smoke 7". More precisely, 2 couples start by confronting each other in a battle, the winner scores a point and continues his momentum by facing another competitor while the loser puts himself at the end of the Indian queue and will try his luck in 6 battles and so right now. The first to arrive at 7 points is essential. Battles take place in a round of about 30/45 seconds and the re-entrant begins. BEWARE this is not a battle trad!

Originality, musicality, stage presence and CLASH will be in the spotlight; ) On the program: # Workshops * info to come * # Battle 7 to smoke # Kizomba semba afro hip hop dancehall party # Afro animation And more ... Line up: Dj Lionnax Efy Afro Ginga * more info to come * Registration for the battle: Fb: Myrtille Pipouchka Tel: 07 68 27 63 68 Registrations are open to ALL! Teachers, teachers in the making, amateurs, urban kizeurs, salseros and so on ... WHO CAN SMOKE 7 ???

Le grand retour du SEMBATTLE !

Unique au MONDE

Le seul 7 to smoke en semba !

Explications :

Le Seven to Smoke tire ses origines des battles de Breakdance. Il a été mise en place pour la première fois par la compet de break IBE à Rotterdam en 2002. Le concept est simple : 8 couples participants et pour gagner, il faut littéralement « en fumer 7 ».

Plus précisément, 2 couples commencent par s’affronter dans un battle, le gagnant marque un point et continue sur sa lancée en affrontant un autre concurrent alors que le perdant se met au bout de la file indienne et retentera sa chance dans 6 battles et ainsi de suite.

Le premier arrivé à 7 points s’impose. Les battles se déroulent en une manche d’environ 30/45 secondes et c’est le rentrant qui commence.

ATTENTION ce n'est pas un battle trad !

Originalité, musicalité, présence scénique et CLASH seront à l'honneur ; )

Au programme :

# Workshops *infos à venir*

# Battle 7 to smoke

# Soirée kizomba semba afro hip hop dancehall

# Animation afro

Et plus encore...

Line up :

Dj Lionnax

Efy Afro Ginga

*plus d'infos à venir*

Inscription pour le battle :

Fb : Myrtille Pipouchka

Tel : 07 68 27 63 68

Les inscriptions sont ouvertes à TOUS !

Profs, profs en devenir, amateurs, urban kizeurs, salseros et j'en passe...


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