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14 Jun

Summer Sensual Days Opatija

This event is already finished
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After breaking the ice in Opatija in 2018, we're coming back in 2019 - bigger and better! ★★★14th - 17th June 2019 in Opatija, Croatian Monte Carlo★★★
Added by christelle K.
This event is already finished
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The event
14 Jun 2019 at 13:00
17 Jun 2019 at 13:00

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Summer Sensual Days
(Non official, community data)
Added by christelle K. with 209 other events

Check out our website at http://www.summersensual.com/opatija.

Tickets availablet at http://www.salsa-adria.hr/our_events/next_events/opatija_summer_sensual_days_2019

Join us in Opatija for that boutique feel you've been looking for...


✨ charming location

✨ limited number of participants

✨ top quality instructors

✨ specially designed workshop schedule

✨ special open air welcome party

✨ Rising Talents for all of you who want to perform on an international stage with your group

✨ master classes

✨ separate bachata and kizomba floor

✨ after parties

✨ spectacular open air castle event

✨ dance points with the most mesmerizing views

✨ exclusive hotel offer

✨ workshops, social and parties in one venue

✨ free transfer for all people who buy any combination of Opatija and Rovinj passes

✨ and much, much more!


Ricardo & Paula (ALC)

Isabelle & Felicien

Albir Rojas

Nemanja & Carolin

Korke & Judith

Gaby & Estefy

El Tiguere & Maria

Junior & Carolina

Azael & Jomante

...more to be announced....


DJ Babacar

DJ Katrin

DJ Chad

DJ Pingusso

DJ Mister Francois

DJ El Tiguere

DJ York

DJ Khalid

...more to be announced...


Special offers available in our official hotels Hotel Gardenija (https://goo.gl/ctX47S), Hotel Imperial (https://goo.gl/4Ji1vW), Hotel Adriatic I https://goo.gl/rHL45J) and Hotel Adriatic II (https://goo.gl/r2SqEW). Special discount for HB - wiht breakfast and dinner included. Check it out!


For more info on arrival and closest airports check out this page: https://goo.gl/tGLYR3

★★★★NEED HELP?★★★★

No problem! Contact us at info@salsa-adria.hr, we're here to help :)

For more info on everything check out the official website www.summersensual.com/opatija and follow our official FB page at https://www.facebook.com/seasunsexy/.

Tickets available at: http://www.salsa-adria.hr/our_events/next_events/opatija_summer_sensual_days_2019

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