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Cover Tango Experiential Festival 2022
01 Aug

Tango Experiential Festival 2022

This event is already finished
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NeoTango, Spirit and beautiful Nature of Croatia are what make us unique!
This event is already finished
Find other tango festivals in Croatia
The event
01 août 2022 at 20:00
07 août 2022 at 01:00

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Tango Experiential festival is a unique tango festival which brings art, tango and self-development together. We inviting you not only to dance on neo-tango music, but also to receive the new ideas from our experienced teachers and much more...!!!

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The theme of the 4th Tango Experiential Festival edition is – Between Polarities!

‘We live in a world of polarities. The dual nature of a certain phenomenon waves us from one polarity to another creating a deep confusion within. And it's like that since we are born, from the very first cry and the very first laugh. As such it lasts until we pass away. Our life can be considered as nothing more than just a dance between the two major polarities - birth and death. Dancing between the numerous life’s polarities is a very fine art form available to those aware of them.’

Explore, experience and balance your polarities at Tango Experiential Festival!

Experience and join the neo-tribe in beautiful nature of Croatia!!!

What Makes Tango Experiential Festival Different?

- It is the festival of Heart- friendly and relaxed atmosphere!

- neo-tango dance evening each day

- Improving tango skills (innovative neo-tango workshops)

- self-development through yoga, massage, breath meditation, lectures...

- connection with nature

- international teachers and neo-DJs

- each day is different - dedicated to the theme of the Festival!

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