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Cover YoZouk New York Congress
01 Apr

YoZouk New York Congress

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Bringing together our incredible community in the heart of the East Coast. The global pandemic may have slowed us, but can't stop the heart of this community. We look forward to seeing you in 2022 to celebrate together as one!
Added by Jean C.
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01 avr. 2022 at 21:00
04 avr. 2022 at 08:00

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▄▄▄▄ SCHEDULE ▄▄▄

★ PreParty: Apr 1, 2021

★ New York Zouk Congress: Apr 1 - 4, 2022

▄▄▄▄ ARTIST ▄▄▄▄

★ Mark & Melissa (Brazil) First time in USA

★ Wacko & Masha (Brazil/Russia) First time in USA

★ DJ Amigo (Russia) First time east coast & NYC

★ Lucas & Bruna (Brazil) USA Partnership Debut

★ RIck & Larissa (Brazil)

★ Paulo & Liusa (Brazil)

★ Charles Espinoza (Brazil & NYC)

★ Emma Housner (LA & NYC)

★ Christina Montoya (LA)

★ Ashley (District Zouk)

★ Alanna & Tiffany (PhilaZouk)

★ Brad Meccia (Knoxville)

★ DJ Sasha (SF/NYC)

★ DJ Just Jacob (Chicago)

★ DJ Chuky (DC)

★ Kyle Mikami (LA)

★ Natalia Pcholkina (DC)

★ Terrisa Widener (DC)

★ Maya (Virginia Beach)

and more, see website for updates!

Facebook allows limited event updates, for following artist phases and updated info check our official site:

★ www.nyzouk.com

▄▄▄▄ FEATURES ▄▄▄

★ International Instructors first time in USA!

★ Everything in one venue!

★ Zouk16 Tour Grand Finals $1,000 USD Prize

★ Urban Zouk Track & Brazilian Zouk

★ Step outside and you're in Times Square!

★ Activities 24-7

★ Pre & After parties at NY Zouk Hotspots!

★ Easy for International Attendees

★ Teacher Training Program

★ Master Classes

▄▄▄▄ ZOUK16 ▄▄▄▄

★ Zouk16 Tournament Finals

After touring so many great Zouk festivals, the tour finalist have a chance to compete in a crazy fun finals where the winners take home $1,000 USD cash and additional prizes! If you were one of the top 4 couples in a Zouk16 you qualify! If you didn't you have one final chance in New York! We will host a Zouk16 Jack and Jill regional right before finals for a last chance! See our official zouk16 stars list below that already made it to finals!

Tournament Chair: Niko Salgado

★ Los Angeles (LADFF)

Toshihiko Honkura

Jessica Guadian

Justin Dulay

Angelina Escobar

Michael Cimper

Marissa Rivera

Mocha Navid

Darya Ives

★ Mexico (ZoukMX)

Val Weiyu Wang

Renato Ramalho

Wesley Olson

Natasha Terekhina Full

Nelly Caldeira

4th place couple

★ Chicago (Future Zouk)

Brad Meccia

Brenna Joy

Dan Yamamoto

Nicole Gonzalez

Wesley Olson

Jesse Pearson

Joshua Hernandez

Minjie Lu

★ Los Angeles (LAZM)

Shubhdeep Kochhar

Julie Meng

Rinaldo Melo

Shulin Jia

Indika Jay

Cassie Collins

Carlos Henrique Pereira

Jeremy Hale

★ Austin

Iago F. Pinho

Kunj Sheth

Allison Elizabeth

Raoni Bonança

Juan Galvan-Vega

Stephanie Vial Neres

Nhat Ho

Anne Goodwin

★ Mexico (ZoukMX 18)

Julissa Ju

Walter Fernandes Full

Natasha Terekhina Full

Ian Abasolo

Anna Russa

Christina Montoya

Chanel May

Renato Ramalho

★ Chicago (Future Zouk 18)

Jon Malave

Yuan Tsing

Jeramie Reeves

April Dawn

Haley Tiller

Raj Mukherjee

4th place follow

Parker Amsel

★ Los Angeles (LAZM 2018)

Justin Dulay

Carlos Henrrique Pereira

Natalia Bonafin

Elena Rovito

Tom Kid-Shabbat Lev

Megan Elizabeth

Abe Herrera

Kimberly Loo

★ DC (Zouk Heat) 2018

Monique Rue Sparks

Anthony Fraser

Buddy Valdez

Brenda Zetino

Arber Masati

Karen Neslo

Mimi La Mariposa

Jennifer Prillaman

▄▄▄▄ CONTACT ▄▄▄

Charles Espinoza

Joe Sandoval

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