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Cover ZOUK DAY Congress 2020
10 Jun

ZOUK DAY Congress 2020

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Are you a Zouk addict? Then you are in the right place. Join us in this upcoming most happening Zouk festival and dance with experts all over Paulo.
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10 Jun 2020 at 19:00
15 Jun 2020 at 04:00

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Zouk Day Congress
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The largest Zouk Congress in the country is held annually, and in 2020 will take place during the extended holiday of corpus christi from June 10 to 14, in the city of Sao Paulo under the coordination of a professional team that makes this a unique and essential event !!

There will be 4 nights of balls and 4 days of classes !!

The Zouk Day Congress 2020 already has the PRE-SALE, but was launched with limitation of lots that go up every month

4 BAILES and 4 days of classes

10/06 - Integration and Opening Ball

11/06 - Classes and Ball

12 / 06 - Classes and Free Leisure

13/06 - Classes and Ball

14/06 - Closure of Classes and Ball


https://www.solum.com.br/loja/produto/zouk-day-congress- 2020-pre-sale-4-day-classes-and-4-ball-nights-72

** There will be classes for all levels !!

The 2019 videos and photos are slowly being posted on the facebook page. Zouk Day Congress

On Instagram are also being published stories and special moments of this congress

Follow on INSTAGRAM: @zoukdaycongress

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