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kizomba Festivals in 2021 in Hungary

You want to push your kizomba dance to the next step with international kizomba artists workshops? Want to plan a kizomba trip for 2021? Find your kizomba festival or kizomba congress on MapDance.

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We found 2 results for kizomba festivals in 2021 in Hungary , but also 3 in Romania , 2 in Croatia , 2 in Slovakia , 2 in Ukraine , 1 in Austria , 1 in Slovenia
Friday, December 3, 2021
Bundaraxxa 2021-limited edition
kizomba festival in Budapest (3 days)
kizomba semba tarraxa zouk
Friday, December 3, 2021 by Bundaraxxa
The Aquincum Hotel Budapest Budapest, Árpád fejedelem útja 94, 1036 Hungary
⭐️Urban kiz ⭐️kizomba ⭐️semba ⭐️afrohouse⭐️ tarraxo and more⭐️ 3 Night parties Socials and afterparties High-end sound system
Friday, April 8, 2022
PAW | Dance & Wellness Weekend (Just married edition)
salsa festival in Balatonf├╝red (3 days)
salsa bachata kizomba swing west coast swing zumba reggaeton rock'n'roll wcs
Friday, April 8, 2022 by PAW Dance events & more
Hotel Annabella Balatonfüred, Deák Ferenc u. 25, 8230 Hungary
Dance, party, attend workshops and who knows? Maybe you'll find PAW - your spouse too !?
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